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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Music Review: Hammerfall - Infected (Bonus Track Version)

Hammerfall's latest album Infected has become popular, especially across Europe. The band's career began in 1993 with Oscar Dronjak, a guitarist in Göteborg, Sweden. As their career progressed, some interesting albums they have played are Legacy of Kings in 1998 and Crimson Thunder in 2002. During those years their band member line up has changed too. During the early part of this decade they even have toured with Dio.

While listening to the album it starts off with "Patient zero"(played by: Oscar Dronjak on guitar and backing vocals, plus Joacim Cans on vocals.) which starts off with a slow steady beat more like a marching drumbeat and you can hear a zombie breathing in the background. Then the album continues with awesome song hits such as "B.Y.H."(played by: Oscar Dronjak on guitar and backing vocals, plus Joacim Cans on vocals.) it seems to be about the heavy metal music revolution. The song starts of with a fast drum beat, then it slows down towards the end, "One more time"(played by: Oscar Dronjak on guitar and backing vocals, plus Joacim Cans on vocals.) which to me symbolizes the war between good and evil; The song begans with a mid tempo beat and while keeping the same momentum Joacim Cann sings “Final frontier - ...”, "The outlaw"(played by: Pontus Norgren on guitar and backing vocals, plus Joacim Cans on vocals.) according to my understanding is about someone that has forseen the future of Armageddon. If you want to research or learn about Armageddon here is one interesting web link:, 

"Send me a sign"(played by: Joacim Cans on vocals);Philosophically speaking this song can be compared with both bibilical teachings and Taoism; this song begans with a slow steady beat and while the song plays you can hear the guitar play almost like a harp, very beautiful, "Dia De Los Muertos"(played by:Oscar Dronjak on guitar and backing vocals,Joacim Cans on vocals,Fredrik Larsson on bass guitar and backing vocals.) in translation it means day of the dead which is a Mexican holiday. More information can be found about "Dia De Los Muertos" by visiting:, the song begins with a real slow steady drum beat and then the song continues with the mid tempo drum beat, "I refuse"(played by: Oscar Dronjak on guitar and backing vocals, plus Joacim Cans on vocals.) basically this is a song about betrayal. The song begins with a slow guitar riff along with a steady drum beat, "666 - The enemy within"(played by: Oscar Dronjak on guitar and backing vocals, plus Joacim Cans on vocals.) apparently this is a song about someone seeking salvation after losing their soul to the devil, "Immortalized"(played by: Oscar Dronjak on guitar and backing vocals, plus Joacim Cans on vocals.) is a song that can be related to the bible were the devil was thrown out of heaven along with his followers which in turn became arch-demons, "Let's get it on"(played by:Oscar Dronjak on guitar.) this song is more about the tradition of rock - n - roll and how it has inspired others through out the years. The song begins with a fast steady drum beat, "Redemption"(played by: Oscar Dronjak on guitar and backing vocals, plus Joacim Cans on vocals.) is a song that apparently has to do with someone controlling nature with alchemy and magic to bring together the sun and the moon, god and goddess which is an eclipse; the result is a life of harmony. While your listening to the song you can hear the sound of a piano or church organ playing with a fast drum beat at short intervals.

If you' re a hard core music fan and decide you want to experience Infected(Bonus Track Version) from Hammerfall then you can find it on Amazon, iTunes or maybe even at your local music store.
The Hammerfall album I have from itunes which I play on my ipod is the bonus track version which basically means it of course has special bonus material and the instrumental version of some songs that are already present on the album. Overall I will give this album a 5 star rating, a great album indeed.
Also if you decide or already have listened to Infected from Hammerfall then please feel free to leave a comment with your overall brief interpretation about the album Infected from Hammerfall. The bands official website can be found here:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Music Review: Elane - Love can't wait

Article first published as Music Review: Elane - Love Can't Wait on Blogcritics.

Love Can't Wait is an album by Elane released in 2005, a wonderful, dark fantasy folk group coming out of Germany. Once you listen to this album you will feel like you're being taken to a place of mystical wonder.
The songs in this album from Elane are spellbinding. The songs you will hear are: "In Nights of Rain and Storm (Orchestral Version)," "Love Can't Wait (Single Version)," "My View So Bright" and "Spell to the Dew."
Song one: From what I understand, "In Nights..." is about an ancient forest that had rain long ago and mother nature is telling man that she will always be with him.
Song two: The title track seems to be about a woman wandering around a forest desperately wanting to be with her dream lover and desires to find him.
Song three: To me, "My View So Bright" is about a woman that's hoping to be rescued by her dream lover while stargazing.
Song four: "Spell to the Dew" might have a magical twist where a woman is wishing upon a star for her dream lover to meet and dance with her in the forest.
Elane has four musicians in all: Joran Elane (voice, whistles, harp), Skaldir (guitar, voice, whistle), Nico (keyboards, programming, voice) and Simon (viola, violin, cello). It is full of virtuosos!
You can find Elane's music at iTunes and at Elane has been making and playing music since 2001, and played live shows with other German folk rock groups such as Faun and Qntal. Joran Elane also does her own artwork and you can find it at
Since the lyrics where not easy to decipher from Elane's album and together with great music, I'm going to give it a 4-star rating.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Delain - Stay Forever video clip HQ

This is a great video where Charlotte is singing with vocals. The song stay forever by Delain can also be found on itunes. The band Delain according to their website were originally a project but now they are a band, a very great one. The song in this video Stay Forever seems to tell a story about a woman that has got herself caught in a love triangle and she is asking for her lovers to stay forever; But at the same time she is trying to decide which lover will pass the test of time as being the one soulmate. Well thats how I interpret the song in the video; your interpretation or perception may be different. :-)

Monday, March 21, 2011

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Metallica is still playing strong.

Is this old news? Well; lets put it this way, over the years they have been playing strong, they are now and probably will continue to do so in the future. Because of all that that makes their success legendary and they deserve it. Alright Metallica, rock on! Lets take some steps back into the past and you will come across some popular songs from Metallica such as "Master of Puppets" and "Ride the lightening."  Also don't forget about the wonderful performance metallica did with their S&M cd and dvd sets while playing with the San Francisco Symphony during 1999.  If you love Metallica's music but never have seen them in concert then by all means try to go see them sometime - I never saw them in concert but if given the opportunity I probably would in a heartbeat. Im sure its a thrilling experience when Metallica plays live with an audience that may have both older and newer fans.  If you want to see more about Metallica please visit:
  For anyone that likes playing the game Guitar hero you may also like Metallica's Guitar hero video or dvd, for more details you can go to:

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The music of Kiss is legendary

Kiss has always been my favorite band since my childhood. Oh yes around the age of 8 or 9 during the years of 78 or 79 I would read the music magazine about Kiss, I believe it might of been called something like Circus parade. I would also collect those kiss bubblegum cards and stick them to my bedroom wall and listen to the lovegun album from Kiss. The music from Kiss has had a very positive influence in my life, during my childhood I would even dream about them playing live, etc. Why do I think kiss is a legend? Well if you have not already; listen to their music. I mean even if you listen to one of their older songs their is like this magic in them that has lasted for years. In other words if I where to travel 100,000 years into the future with a time machine (Im saying in theory) then I would not doubt that Kiss's song 100,000 years would still be a popular hit. Oh it gets better, to all the new fans of Kiss just in case you don't know sometime during the 80's or 90's the band did not wear their makeup and I believe one album or cd they had were they had no makeup was called Animalize,I can remember that song that went something like this: "Feel the heat, heaven is on fire --" from Kiss, oh and don't forget the music video from kiss with Paul Stanley singing Tears are falling. I think the most emotionally popular Kiss song of all time is "Beth" . I think it can be hard for someone to listen to that song without tears. And if you ever go see Kiss live in concert their music even sounds better, as a fan your standing or sitting in this beautiful circle produced by this sound wave that will move you almost the same way as having the holy ghost feeling in church. In addition to that you see all the band members with their makeup, tall boots, colorful lights, Gene Simmons with his long tounge, maybe some pyrotechnics with fire and smoke, etc. You probably know as a fan if you have been to a Kiss concert, once you leave you may be feeling that you had an enlightened experience. :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Why I enjoy listening to Moby's music

Moby is like this very popular dance dj and music guru. His music works almost like magic, it changes from like lets hop on to the dance floor style to more ambient were you can relax with perhaps a nice cup of java. I can listen to his music for hours with songs like body rock and go, etc. His music has some spiritual quality to it too and if you feel depressed some of his songs can have a healing effect. Is moby's music great for music therapy? Perhaps. :-)
Plus if you want to see more about Moby you can find him on his official website, myspace and facebook too. And if your into watching music videos he has some real awesome ones that are entertaing. Ok thats it for now, maybe I will post a longer music review about moby sometime in the near future. :-)

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